Dream Daddy by Emilia Beaumont


Untouched and unmarked by the world, Lola Ray is the sunshine that I never thought I needed in my life. She’s perfect: a petal on a cherry blossom tree aching to be plucked.

I long to caress her, to make her mine. To bind her to me and let her beg for my love. I know it's wrong… she is after all my best friend's daughter.

But as I look closer, as I start to give in to temptation, I begin to see the scars she's so desperate to hide.

They run deep. Like an abyss she cannot escape. A nightmare that never ends. Scars so raw that I’m not sure she can ever be healed.

However there is one thing that I know has the chance to make her whole again, and I won’t stop until I make all her dreams come true.

“An emotional rollercoaster ride of thrilling proportions. I mean wow, this book has it all. It was a little dark, sexy, maddening and you'll experience all the emotions under the sun. I read this in one sitting. I couldn't put it down.” ~ Misty Schott