Designs on Her : A Lake Chelan Novel by Shirley Penick


Kristen is happy designing her jewelry on her mountain, away from all the hustle of humanity. It’s just her and her faithful dog. Until a forest fire forces her to evacuate. Coming down the mountain casts her into the town problems and sucks her into all the chaos of opening an art gallery.

Police officer Nolan is tasked with the evacuation of the few residents on the mountain. Getting this crazy but beautiful jewelry designer out of harm’s way is not the easiest thing he’s ever done. He manages to get her to safety and then he gets caught in her gallery plans. His life may never be the same.

Nolan turned his back on his talent when his sister was murdered. Caught back up in the art world, he’s torn between creating and the curse his art seems to have on those he loves.

Kristen and Nolan's story was very well written, the pace was very steady and I'm definitely going back for her other Lake Chelan books! The relationship between Kristen and Nolan was spicy and very sweet. – Nawteeone