Brawl by Kylie Hillman


WARNING: This story is about more than MMA. There's themes of hate, hope, and healing – featuring a barely legal girl, who's wise beyond her years, and a much older man, who might have found love in the last place he thought possible.

Gabriella Mitchell
A girl devoid of hope.
With all her energy spent trying to keep a roof above her brother and sister's head, Gabbi doesn't get time to play much anymore. Her parent's divorce has forced her to grow up too fast, leaving her to assume responsibilities well beyond those of a normal seventeen-year-old.

“Hooligan” Harvie
Burnt-out MMA fighter who's lost it all.
He had the fairy-tale life—the perfect woman and a son he adored. Until the day it was ripped away from him in the most violent of ways.
Hooligan is content to live with his rage … until an angry girl breaches a chink in the armour that protects his black heart.

She's broken-hearted. His heart is dead and decayed inside his chest.
She’s lost the ability to trust while he doesn't think life has anything left to offer. When neither believes in fairy tales, can the vicious world of MMA show them that they're wrong?

That even the most f#cked-up of us deserve a happily-ever-after?

“I loved this story, it's different and really keeps you hooked. Gabbi really shines in this book and I found some of her story very relatable. The combination of real issues, sexy fighters, a great storyline and a kickass female lead really made this book a great read.” Amazon Reviewer