Impossible Love by Kimberly Readnour


A surprise vacation that offers more than relaxation…
Hardworking college senior Kayla Cannon is finally allowing herself a break from her nursing studies, even if it’s a small one. One thing is certain — she has no time for romance. But chance has different thoughts. Once in Kauai, she meets tour guide Kai Hale who seems determined to keep showing up with his killer abs. Will she be able to stick to her guns or will her virginity be a thing of vacations past?

Infatuation or first love? Either way, are they strong enough to survive the impossible…

Kai Hale is living the life — tour guide by day, playboy by night. At the age of twenty-four, he has no aspirations for settling down. That is until a sexy brunette shows up on his tour. He can’t get the pesky mainlander out of his head. And running into her everywhere isn’t helping. When fate lands them together, he decides to take a chance—even if that chance risks breaking his heart in the end.

“This book crosses between sexy and sweet with regular intervals leaving you saying “Awww” while “oh my god” was still rolling off your tongue”–Author Michelle Lynn, the New Beginnings series.