A Fire In The Heart by Jocelyn Lowell


A girl without love…

Eighteen-year-old Heather Barlow is no stranger to hard times. At fifteen she was tricked and abandoned by her mother, locked away inside a saloon, forced to work off a debt incurred by her mother. Finally free, Heather tries to make the best of life by working inside a boarding house, cleaning and scrubbing her days away. But when she is accused of stealing, Heather is devastated to find her freedom once again in jeopardy as she awaits her fate inside a dirty jail cell.

Blacksmith, Lincoln Hargrove, is reluctantly drawn to the young woman who gazed upon at his scarred face without fear or disgust. Heather’s honesty and beauty intrigues him, although he doesn’t believe there is place in his life or heart for a woman. However, when the reality of her situation hits him, Lincoln knows he will do whatever it takes to prevent Heather from suffering for a crime he believes she didn’t commit. Even if it means opening his home and possibly his heart to this delicate girl, known by their entire town as a soiled dove.

This is a clean, love filled, tear-jerking, passionate romance. Heather and Lincoln would love to take you on their journey to love and a wonderful happily-ever-after.

“Wow what a wonderful book from Jocelyn Lowell.” -Amazon Reviewer