The Fine Art of Deception by Alyssa Richards


Art appraiser Adeline “Addie” Montgomery craves a normal life. But because of her gift, she’ll never know what normal means. She can touch any object and know its owner’s secrets. It comes in handy in her line of work, but it frequently wrecks her personal life. Addie one day hopes to use her ability to solve the disappearance of her father and grandfather, but her strange dreams of a lover from a past life seem to keep getting in the way…

The mysterious Blake Greenwood has an aura of danger that pulls Addie right in. As a client of Addie’s firm, he seems to have more secrets than paintings. She tries to steer clear, but the connection between them feels older than time itself.

Addie wants to take a chance on love, but will letting her guard down show her a life she never thought possible or send everything crashing down?

The Fine Art of Deception is the first book in a series of paranormal romance mysteries. If you like nail-biting suspense, captivating love stories, and a touch of time travel, then you’ll love Alyssa Richards’ compelling paranormal series.

“Seems as though this is Alyssa’s debut book – and what a fantastic start. I’d happily read anything Alyssa writes next.” —Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews

“…undoubtedly Alyssa Richards has just become one of my new favourite authors for this year.” —Living in Our Own Story Blog

“This is well written with complex characters who reveal more of themselves as the story progresses. It is a great mystery with paranormal elements that make it enthrallingly different and captivating.”–Splashes into Books

“I felt like I was standing right in the middle of a Movie Set of something between Pierce Brosnan’s “The Thomas Crown Affair” or Sean Connery’s “Entrapment”. I was sucked into the story from the beginning and I could not stop reading. It was such an interesting mix between the paranormal – romance and crime elements that kept me reading and wondering what might happen next.”–Jeri’s Book Attic

“An intriguing read that kept my interest until the last page. Very enjoyable and definitely recommended.”–Archaeolibrarian, I dig good books!

“This book was loaded with mystery and suspense.  The plot was well executed and kept me on the edge of my seat.  The sizzling passionate scenes between Addie and Blake were red hot.” –Smut Book Junkie Book Reviews

“The plot is unique in a way that you will keep thinking of its awesomeness for a long time after finishing this book. There was so much positives in the book, that kept me awake with my Kindle at night, in spite of my recently sleep deprived life. This book has exceeded my expectations in every way.  You should definitely read it, if romance, suspense or paranormal genre suits you.”– Books are Magic

“This book really got me interested and kept pulling me in.”—BBs Book Reviews

“I was very drawn to the characters. Richards did an excellent job weaving you into their world whether it was the good guy or the bad guy you just wanted to know what they were thinking, doing and their next move. I definitely recommend.”–The Reading Pile