Tanner’s Devil by Sylvia Hubbard

Tanner is an ex-prostitute whose ex-boyfriend, Donatello, was also her pimp. Even though she has left the business, he is trying to persuade her to return. She thinks he just wants her back in the business, but he actually wants her back in his life as well. Tanner finds herself in a rare predicament when she needs to come up with an outrageous amount of money. Does she find the money legitimately, or does she take Donatello up on his offer?

At age 33, Devlin Sanchez is a virgin and has vowed to save himself for marriage. When he catches his bride and his brother together, all of that goes out the window. He finds himself in the arms of Tanner and once the night is over, he is left wanting more. Has Tanner added more drama to her life, and does Devlin know he has a fight on his hands?

(5Stars)5.0 out of 5 starsImpossible not to love
ByBooks Laid Bareon November 18, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
This was my first book by this author and I must say her pedigree shone through, this was a superbly well written book that laid waste to my ability to actually put a book down.
Both of the lead characters were engaging and their story was one that completely held me captive. The story never stood still, it bobbed and weaved its way through their lives and just when it seems as if I had a handle on what exactly was going on, the author took the story off on a tangent that I hadn’t expected.
I loved the zest for life that both Devlin and Tanner exhibited, the chemistry between them was easy on the eye, it was understandable and its evolvement was handled with care and consideration.
I liked that Tanner was a strong woman, she was resolute in her determination to make the changes that she needed too and despite the element of angst that was injected into the story with the unpredictability of her ex, I was proud of the fact that she wasn’t prepared to relive her past mistakes.
When it comes to Devlin, he was hard not to fall a little in love with, he had his limitations, in as much as he was physically inexperienced but that didn’t define him, he knew what he was underneath the surface and he was more than able to flex his perfectly alpha muscles.
Together they gave me a couple that I enjoyed reading about, that I cared about and that I was rooting for from almost the very start.
The author produced a strong book, she wove a contemporary story and studded it with just enough twists and turns to catch the reader unawares