Love’s Prophet by Melissa Storm


Before death carried her away, Rebecca James asked her seven-year-old daughter, Molly Sue, to help her grieving father find happiness again. Now, nearly a year later, armed with her mother’s memory and a determination to find her father’s smile again, this little girl will move big mountains to make sure her plan goes off without a hitch.

When cancer claimed his beloved wife far too soon, Liam James stopped living and started settling. But thanks to the still small light left in his world, his life is about to expand in ways he can't fathom. Could his young daughter really be the answer to the prayer he hadn’t dared to speak? And will the happy-go-lucky Sunday school teacher Molly Sue hand-picks to be her new mommy agree to work through their pain in order to bring about new joy for all of them?

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“This is so much more than romance. This is finding someone who “gets” what you are going through, made it out alive and is more than willing to help you get out too. So many layers in a relationship and breaking through the first set is usually a challenge most don't want to partake in. A spirit lifter right at your fingertips!” ~ Amazon Review for Book 1