Covert Intents by Janie Crouch

Omega Sector agent Seth Harrington has been sent undercover to discover who is behind the sale of research secrets to enemies of the United States. The problem? He’s undercover as a college campus janitor, not exactly a glamorous role. But it’s perfect. He’s able to monitor the situation easily since everyone ignores him.

Everyone except Rachel Branson. She’s not a suspect, particularly since she’s the cousin of Omega Sector’s most renown siblings. But Seth can’t get the shy literature professor, and her generous curves, out of his head.

When the criminals decide to put Rachel in the center of the danger, Seth knows he’ll do anything to solve the case. And risk everything to ensure the safety of the woman who has found her way into his heart.

“Couldn't put it down.” ~ R. Driscoll (reviewer)