Together in Time by Alex Westmore

First Jessie found out she had a soul, then she found out that she had a soul mate… then she embarked on the journey of a lifetime.

Jessie’s life leaves a lot to be desired. As a teen lesbian whose parents refuse to love her for who she really is, Jessie spends a lot of time waiting for time to pass her by. So imagine her surprise when she finds out that someone loves her so much that she journeyed more than a thousand years into the future to find her.

This stranger from the past says that her soul mate is in trouble and that she needs Jessie to travel back in time to save her so that the two can meet again in the future and continue their timeless love story. It’s a lot to take in, but the twenty-first century holds nothing worth staying for, so Jessie eagerly agrees.

Soon she discovers that not only is the soul mate she has yet to meet in trouble but also an entire civilization. Can Jessie work together with her past self to help preserve a culture that time has since forgotten? And can she find a life filled with both love and meaning in the process?

This story is so riveting that it was hard to put down. My work has suffered. My sleep has suffered! I am stopping at 70% only to write this review and then continue reading.