54th State by Ian Thompson

The British Prime Minister, Barnaby Chamberlain, is enjoying life, until his chancellor inadvertently bankrupts the country.
Angel Mendoza is captaining her last space mission before she retires; a quaint bar in New Orleans is her future, and she can’t wait to start it.
Macy Turner stares up at the stars from her ranch in Skagit Valley, she’s not alone, the crews of a thousand ships listen to her radio show.
Hop aboard for a humorous thrill ride, an impossible adventure, set in the not too distant future.
˃˃˃ Is it the end for Great Britain?
Has the Chancellor of the Exchequer really bankrupted one of the world’s largest economies? How will the Prime Minister, Barnaby Chamberlain, get himself out of this little muddle? Who will he turn to for help?
˃˃˃ A doomed space mission?
Is Angel Mendoza’s last space mission to end in disaster? What of her crew, are they party to some form of deception, have they got hidden agendas? Or will they just hurtle on through space until they run out of oxygen or freeze to death?
˃˃˃ Can Macy Turner save them?
Staring up at the stars from her ranch in Skagit Valley, Macy Turner lives a lonely life. Yet she isn’t on her own; the crews of a thousand ships tune in 24/7 to her blues and jazz station. They call her The Jewel of Skagit Valley. Her peace is shattered when she gets a distress call from Angel. Can she save her and her crew from certain death, or is it all predetermined – a conspiracy of America’s Deep State?

“If you’re looking for something different, this is it. It’s funny, droll, biting, and very entertaining. Not your usual story. I loved it.” Linda P – Amazon.com