Autism Goes to School by Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell


After suddenly receiving custody of his five year old son, Ben must learn how to be a dad. The fact that he’d even fathered a child was news to him. Not only does this mean restructuring his sixty-hour workweek and becoming responsible for another human being, but also Kyle has autism.

Enter the school system and a shaky beginning. Under the guidance of a gifted teacher, Ben and Kyle take tentative steps to becoming father and son.

Teacher Melanie Nicols sees Ben as a deadbeat dad, but grudgingly comes to admire how he hangs in, determined to learn for his son’s sake. Her admiration grows to more as father and son come to rely on Melanie being a part of their lives.

When parents receive the news that their child has autism, they spend countless hours researching the subject, usually at night, after an exhausting day. Teachers, when they hear that they’ll have a student with an autism spectrum disorder, also try to learn as much as they can. This novel was written for such parents and teachers – an entertaining read that offers information on autism and strategies that work.

“This was a totally unexpected breath of fresh air since I am a parent of two children recently diagnosed with autism.” – Amazon reviewer

“Loved this book. Was very inspired by it.” – Amazon reviewer

“This book was well written, and amazing. By far one of the best books I had ever read. I highly recommend this book.” – Amazon reviewer

“Hard to put down. Gives such a great insight into the world of Autism & how it effects everyone from parents to teachers to housekeepers. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series!!!” – Amazon reviewer

“Great story and information. I am a retired teacher. Wish this book was available when I was in the classroom.” – Amazon reviewer

“Absolutely love this book.” – Amazon reviewer

“A delight to read. I am so engrossed with the characters and the flow of the story. I will definitely look for other books by this author. Not only does she have an amazing way of portraying her story but you also get to learn so much and end up with characters you will always hold close to your heart.” – Amazon reviewer