Beneath Sunless Waves by Stephen Makk


To the SBS it’s a mission. To him, it’s the dilemma from hell.

Lieutenant Tom Hilton did the most wonderful and stupid thing he could ever do with his life; he fell for the enemy. Irina’s a Soviet naval officer, to keep their secret in the KGB’s backyard; the streets of Moscow become a world of subterfuge. War erupts in the South Atlantic and he’s forced to abandon her. With the Soviets on his tail; Tom leads his dive team into the most dangerous place on Earth. The task is illegal and deniable, but failure is not an option; millions of lives are at stake. Irina’s back and playing for the opposition. How does he choose? Can he lead his team to success against the odds?

If you like the sound of “Jason Bourne meets The Hunt for Red October.” Join Tom now, in the most dangerous place on Earth.

Love will stop at nothing even if it means diving to the dark depths.

Great read a thriller with intrigue, deception and comradeship.

Another great book by Stephen Makk and a must read.

The lengths some people will go to for love, but a dates a date even if it’s saving the world from its darkest hour as Tom and Irina do their duty and put their lives on the line to save us all. I say go get a copy and find out why. Piney L