When the Clocks Stopped by M L Eaton

The long hot summer of 1976. The mysterious Romney Marsh in the South of England.
Hazel Dawkins, a spirited young solicitor, takes maternity leave anticipating a period of tranquillity. Instead, the dreams begin. In them she encounters Annie, a passionate young woman whose romantic and tempestuous life was adventurously lived, more than two centuries previously, in the cottage that Hazel now occupies.

As their destinies entwine, Hazel not only confronts a terrifying challenge which parallels history, she finds herself desperately fighting for survival in a cruel and unforgiving age.
Even more disturbing is the realisation that her battle will affect the future for those in the past whose fate is, as yet, unwritten. Her only ally is Annie.

Together they face events that echo through the centuries, events that are as violent and compelling as they are unexpected. And, as the past collides with the present, the time for the birth of Hazel’s child draws ever nearer.

I have found this a very satisfying read. Its layered themes and the pace of the story make it an involving, yet not demanding experience. I love the haunting quality of the centuries-old language that briefly intersperses the modern narrative. Truly amazing that this is the author’s first novel, and I’m really looking forward to the next in the series. –Judy T. Amazon Reviewer