Traitors And Tyrant by Gwynn White

Book 4 in the Crown Of Blood series

A missing prince. A city aflame. Can they survive when fate and will collide?
Find out why readers love this epic steampunk fantasy series from New York Times Bestselling author Gwynn White!

Axel and Lynx are on a rescue mission. Meka and Nicholas are trapped in Chenaya’s capital, and Axel needs a miracle to set them free. If his would-be allies stick to their promises and Lukan remains in a manic state, then they might just live to fight another day…

But unbeknownst to them, Felix and Dmitri continue playing an epic battle of fate and manipulation.

With the threat of Lukan awakening from his stupor at any moment, the hunt is on to find Nicholas and return him to safety. With every power in the empire headed for the capital, there’s no telling who, if any of them, will still be standing at the end…

Traitors and Tyrants is the fourth book in a riveting six-part series of epic steampunk fantasy novels. If you like heady intrigue, lush fantasy, and thrilling adventures, then you’ll love Gwynn White’s Crown of Blood series.

“I’d Love to See This Series on the Big Screen!” Amazon Reviewer