Stay With Me (Book 1: Lust) by Emily Jane Trent

Book 1 in the Kyra’s Story series

She should have walked away.
She shouldn’t have let her guard down.
And she definitely shouldn’t have fallen for him.
But she did…

Fashion model, Kyra Walsh walks the runway, but walks away from serious relationships.

With a knack for always choosing the wrong guys, Kyra struggles to fix her love life. Determined to protect her heart, she avoids relationships. But when she encounters the sexy international photographer, Stephano Rinaldi, she can’t resist their undeniable chemistry. Swept off her feet and into his bed, Kyra breaks all her own rules, succumbing to her desire and need for him.

With her guard down, her past catches up to her, threatening to destroy all she has with Stephano. Now, it’s up to Kyra to choose between what her heart wants and what her head fears.

I love the chemistry between Kyra and Stephano! – Samantha H.