Spirits in the Trees by Morgan Hannah MacDonald

Book 1 in the The Spirits Series series

An abandoned house, a serial killer, and a victim reaching out from the grave. A woman races against time to unearth deeply buried secrets before she becomes a ghost herself.
Madeline Anderson goes to Isabelle Island, Washington, to sell a family home abandoned over forty years before. Strange things occur the moment she arrives on the property. Inside the dilapidated old house, items move about on their own accord. Noises come from empty rooms. She has a vivid, recurring dream of a woman running for her life. The wind rustling through the trees sounds like urgent, murmuring voices. When the cacophony dies down, one single word emerges: Madeline, Madeline, Madeline.
The next door neighbor helping to restore the place doesn’t believe anything bizarre is going on. He’s certain she’s jumping at shadows because the local kids called the house haunted. That is until he witnesses horrific violence himself that can’t be explained. After Maddy’s life is threatened not once, but twice, Doug Lindstrom, vows there will not be a third.
While searching for answers, Maddy uncovers astonishing secrets about her aunt’s past. Finding more questions then answers, she digs deeper until she stumbles across evidence of an old cold case involving a serial killer named The Seaside Strangler.
Now Maddy must unmask a killer. The life she saves might be her own.

Grabs you by the throat and won’t let you go!, August 27, 2012
By Greg J

This review is from: Spirits In The Trees: Book One of The Spirits Trilogy (Volume 1) (Paperback)
A few warnings should accompany this review.

Warning no. 1: Once you start reading this book, you won’t be able to do anything else until you’ve finished it. You will not be able to put it down.

Ms. MacDonald hits another towering home-run with “Spirits in the Trees.” In her uniquely magnetic style, she spins a breath-taking tale of suspense, and one is quickly mesmerized as her story unfolds. She tweaks our nerves and raises the hairs on our backs, and I frequently found myself whispering my pleas of, “Oh no!” as I dreaded the fate of her main characters.

Warning no. 2: This story is guaranteed to give you chills.

The story centers on a young woman named Madeline Anderson, a bright and attractive, recent widow who takes on the task of restoring her aunt’s creepy old house. When Madeline is tormented by voices that whisper her first name in the dead of night, we are vividly reminded of Roderick’s sister from “The Fall of the House of Usher” and rightfully so; as Poe himself would probably have needed to leave a light on after reading this story.

This marvelously written novel has it all. It’s scary and humorous and heart-warming and erotic and … Did I say “scary”? That’s not exactly true; it’s downright bone-chilling. From the very beginning, this nerve-rattling suspense tale takes the reader on a spine-tingling thrill-ride. Expect to be frightened. Moreover, expect to enjoy this fabulous book.

Morgan Hannah MacDonald is a wonderfully gifted writer, and she should be listed among the best modern authors of suspense-thrillers. I anxiously await her next novel.