Restless by Mallory Crowe

Book 4 in the Fractured Farrells series

Ashley needs a husband. Not in a week, not in a year. She needs a husband now if she’s going to keep her lecherous stepfather from getting any of the fortune her mother left to her. There’s only one person she knows who is powerful enough to take on her stepfather. Alex Farrell wanted her before and she’s going to bet her life that he’s still going to want her.

Except Alex Farrell wants so much more than her body. He wants her heart.

“To be completely honest, I LOVED this book. I’m not going to dive into plot or dissect the characters, as many others do. Instead, I’m going to share what I feel about “Restless” — this novel is the best work of Mallory Crowe’s so far. It’s fast paced and filled with emotion; it’s an unusual love story that tags at your heart. There’s romance, suspense, family drama and anything in between. Great read! I couldn’t force myself to put it down till the very last word.” ~ Amazon Reviewer