Remorseless by Mallory Crowe

Book 3 in the Fractured Farrells series

He wants to know who tried to kill him.
She wants to protect his family’s reputation.
They both can’t get what they want.

Someone tried to kill him, and now that he’s freshly out of prison, Logan Farrell is determined to track down the real criminal. Hellbent on spending his family’s fortune to discover who’s got a hit out on him, Logan will stop at nothing until he has the answers her wants.

But the Farrell family has other plans…

Public Relations Specialist, Julie Anne h as one job: keep the Farrell name out of the tabloids. With their sketchy background, it’s a harder task than she ever realized. But when Logan’s quest for the truth puts the entire family in danger, Julie steps in with a plan that could destroy everything Logan’s worked for. Suddenly, Logan’s enemies are out for blood, and Julie’s caught in the middle. Now, it’s up to Logan to end the vendetta once and for all.

“This is a book I’d been anticipating since reading the first two books in this excellent series about the billionaire Farrells. It’s like biting into an apple at the peak of its perfection … one knows before that first tangy, juicy bite that it’s going to be delicious.” ~ Amazon Reviewer