Relentless by Mallory Crowe

Book 5 in the Fractured Farrells series

Nathan has come to town for one reason: her.
And he’s not leaving until she’s his.

Nathan thought he’d be a happy bachelor forever, but things have changed. One by one his brothers have been falling prey to this whole “love” thing and Nathan has never come close to finding a woman who could tolerate him in large doses. Well, except for one. But this girl isn’t a fling. She’s long term, first class wife material. If he goes for her, it’s not for a one night stand. It’s for forever.

Katy Carey is busy. Too busy for love and much too busy for the assertive billionaire from her past who showed up out of nowhere and demanding they try to make things work. But as the Inn she manages starts to face one crisis after another, it becomes apparent that someone is trying to destroy the business she’s devoted her life and future to.

Now the man she just wanted to leave her alone ends up being a friendly ear, an ally and, scariest of all, her only hope.

“I love this series and this book is a great addition. Mallory Crowe is a fantastic writer. Her characters are larger than life, her books are dramatic and steamy romances which usually have some degree of mystery or suspense. I could not put this book down. I am a big fan and can’t wait for the next one.” ~ Amazon Reviewer