Guiding Fate by Tamra Lassiter

Book 4 in the Role of Fate series

Melanie Woodside, ER nurse and single mom, has endured suffering of her own. Her ne’er-do-well husband bailed after learning she was pregnant with their first child. Now he’s back and threatening her new life. When a hot Marine moves in next door, Melanie has more than enough on her plate, without trying to heal her new neighbor as well. But a handsome man battling the wounds of war is hard to resist, especially when he and her son take an instant liking to each other. And having him close makes her feel safer.

Will Everton is a hero of the Iraqi conflict, according to the Marine Corps, his friends, and his family. The problem is, he feels more like a mess. Plagued by headaches and nightmares, Will just wants solitude to glue his wounded psyche back together. That means keeping his distance from his pretty new neighbor. But when her son refuses to recognize the boundaries between Will’s house and his own, neither Will nor Melanie can resist a little boy’s pleas for togetherness. If Will’s presence deters Melanie’s ex, all the better.

Can Will trust himself to be the strong, steady man they need? And can Melanie trust herself not to repeat the mistakes of her past? Fate brought them together … will it be enough to keep them here?

“A sweet and emotional read. Guiding Fate was filled with romance, passion, suspense, heartache, and tension.
Melanie Woodside is a single mother who has had her share of heartbreak. After finding out she’s pregnant and having her husband leave her, she does everything she can to ensure her son has a wonderful life. She is a hardworking, loving, and positive person. I enjoyed seeing her interactions with her son.
Will Everton is staying at his aunt’s house while he recovers from injuries he suffered in Iraq. His body may be healed but his mind is not. Hoping for some rest, he never expects to be so smitten by his new neighbor, Melanie. Will tries to be closed off and distance but he can’t help the feelings he has for Melanie and her son. He is a strong, caring, and thoughtful man.
When someone from Melanie’s past shows up, will it reek havoc on their budding relationship? Are lives at risk? Can two damaged people heal one another?
Melanie and Will’s chemistry was palpable. I loved how they were with one another, everything wasn’t rushed, they slowly got to know each other. It was cute and sweet. When their relationship finally progressed things got hot and intense! It was super sexy.
Lassiter gave us some extremely endearing and lovable characters. You want good things for them and you root for them. It was easy to get wrapped up into their stories.
Not only were the main characters wonderful, but so were the secondary characters. I hadn’t realized that this was book four when I read it but now that I know, I can’t wait to go back and read the other stories. While it didn’t take away from the story, it would be nice to see how everyone else got to where they are now.” Erin G. Amazon