Creating Fate by Tamra Lassiter

Book 3 in the Role of Fate series

Justin Simms joined the Army to distance himself from his family and the painful secret he’s hiding from them. When he has to travel home for his brother’s wedding, he worries they’ll find out he’s not as happy as he pretends to be.

Justin notices Annie immediately. She’s smart, beautiful, and recently out of a relationship—all the traits he looks for in a woman. She’s also wholesome and openly looking for Mr. Right—two things that scare the crap out of him. Yet, spending time with Annie makes him happy. He doesn’t have to pretend.

Annie’s a strong, intelligent woman who is successful in every way except for one. Her first sexual encounter with her teenage boyfriend was a disaster and has haunted her ever since. Annie just knows that if she finds true love, her insecurities will fade away. She isn’t ashamed to admit she’s looking for love. Her parents have had a happy marriage, so why should she settle for anything less? When Annie meets Justin, she thinks he might be the one she’s looking for. Will Justin realize that meeting Annie really was fate and deal with his past before it’s too late?

“These books were so much fun to read. Rarely do you find a book that grabs you from the beginning and never lets go. Suspense, humor, and romance from beginning to end. I love how each book brings the characters together. I had fun trying to guess who will be highlighted in the next book. An awesome read-you will be hooked on Tamra’s writing style.” Amazon Customer