Blinding Fate by Tamra Lassiter

Book 2 in the Role of Fate series

In one blinding moment Meg Johnson went from successful chef to woman running for her life. No friends. No relationships. Don’t even leave the house if you don’t have to. Meg has stayed under the radar because she abides by these rules—mostly. When her elderly landlord and only friend in town is missing, she has no choice but to break yet another rule and answer the questions of the policeman who comes to her door.

Tyler McMann’s life changed forever because of one secret. He knows as soon as he sets foot on Meg’s front porch that she has secrets of her own. He can’t allow himself to become involved with a woman who’s clearly hiding something, but he can’t deny the attraction between them either. Can he learn to trust Meg, and can he trust fate to lead him down the path he’s meant to travel?

“The second book in Lassiter’s Role of Fate series truly delivers, with suspense, intrigue and a great romance. Meg and Tyler are both hiding secrets that take almost the entire book to be revealed, and Lassiter does a great job of keeping the story captivating and building tension while developing Meg and Tyler’s feelings for each other. It’s a page-turner for both the mystery and the romance.
Meg Johnson is new in town when she meets policeman Tyler McMann, who is investigating the disappearance of her neighbor and only friend in town. The sparks fly between them as soon as they meet, but they both have real doubts about a relationship. Meg doesn’t want Tyler to know about her past, and Tyler doesn’t want to get involved with someone he can’t trust.”

RT Review Source, February 2016