The Partition of Africa by Olivia Folmar Ard

Book 1 in the The Bennett series

A good girl. A hunky professor. A jealous ex. What could possibly go wrong?

Hattie Greene was the typical quiet, nerdy good girl at HKCU…until she wasn’t. After a lapse in judgment and one vulnerable night spent with Samson Campbell, Ph.D., she’s gone from being teacher’s pet to professor’s mistress.

Caught between her feelings for Samson and the whispers of her conscience, Hattie moves through each day terrified that her mistake will cost her everything, and things aren’t looking good. Claire, her nosy roommate, has a built-in scandal detector, and her vindictive ex Cameron would love to bring her down. With her entire future on the line, Hattie must find a way to come out on the other side.

“Is it bad when you wake up and immediately start thinking about a couple of characters in a book as if they’re real? Yeah, I did that. Several times. I actually had to remind myself that Hattie is NOT my friend, that she is a fictional character! Ard does an incredible job of bringing people to life. Facial expressions, body language, those intangibles that communicate so much more than words. I absolutely hated getting to the end of the book because I knew I’d be missing these people. I also got to relive quite a few memories of my time as a young 20-something so many eons ago. She took me right back to college, and I connected with it all. A great read, and I can’t wait to read the entire series.” -Amazon Reviewer