Downshift by Bonnie R. Paulson


When a lonely dirt bike champion is injured, it puts him on a crash course with a determined redhead nurse. But she is desperate to deny this daredevil into her heart. Can they help the other escape their lonely lives or are they destined to race from their hearts for all seasons?

J.T. is one of the top dirt bike champions in the US. With sponsors and races filling his calendar, he should be happy in his success. But until his ten year contract is up, he’s tied to the controlling and thieving management of his father.

Kelsey’s responsibilities are crashing around her. The only way to get ahead is to get a job that pays more and with impossibly specific benefits. If she can’t succeed, her dreams will fade like her grandmother’s memories.

An accident thrusts J.T. into Kelsey’s care. She accepts his proposal and challenges him for a price. But when their emotions and attractions get in the way of their mutual goals, they need to choose which is more important – their hearts or their dreams?

“WOW WOW WOW – Bonnie R. Paulson has done it again!!! I have read almost all the books that she has published and I am always looking for more of her books. I was excited when she asked if I would read Downshift for her – since I hadn’t seen that it was released or even written yet.

Downshift starts with JT (a Motorcycle racer) heading to the winners stand with his buddies and tripping and falling down some stairs. Next think you know, he is waking up in the hospital and he is totally taken a liking to his nurse (Kelsey). The story of how she helps him get over his injuries is amazing!!! I don’t write spoilers, but I will warn you — when you start reading this book, you will find it so hard to put down until you reach the ending. YES – it is that good!!!” ~ Sue Ann B