Love Conquers All by Annie Boone


Lana Garrett has met the man of her dreams. As luck would have it, there’s a problem. He lives across the country. Will that keep them apart forever? Maybe.

When Lana met Max Tolbert, she was intrigued. When he met her, he fell for her right away. But alas, they only had a short time together before he left Cutter’s Creek to return to New York, his job, and his life. They promised to write and they did. For almost a year they poured their hearts out in letters back and forth.

Then, the letters stopped. Lana’s heartbroken. She has no idea why her love would just drop her with no warning and no explanation. She decides that maybe she should move on. Her family reminds her that the relationship wasn’t likely to work, anyway, since they lived so far apart. When she does finally agree to spend time with another man, she’s sorely disappointed.

Then, a suitor she had discarded does her a favor that will change her life. The information he shares leads her to places she never thought she’d see and into a world that changes who she is.

Find out how love for a soulmate, love for sweet stories, and a caring heart leads Lana to her future.

“This is another wonderful, heartwarming book from Annie Boone! The Cutter’s Creek series is fantastic, and definitely enhanced by Annie’s stories of perseverance, love, trials, and triumph. If you love a book that contains real struggles and beautiful, happy ever after endings — you will love this!” –Amazon Reviewer