Stolen Spirit (PSI Sentinels: Guardians of the Psychic Realm, Book 1) by Pamela Moran

Hearing his dead ex-girlfriend’s voice in an empty room is enough to make a man question his sanity. Worse is when that ex insists she shouldn’t have died. Broken cop Jake Carrigan has no interest in delving into a past full of heartache and regrets. But he can’t deny she still matters, even if she’s simply a voice in his head.

Hannah Dixon is having a hard time believing she’s dead. How can she be when she feels so much inside? She can see Jake, can talk to him, but she can’t touch him. And right now, touching Jake is all she wants.

Jake’s probe into Hannah’s death stirs up a sinister psychic link, something dark that will stop at nothing to keep its secrets. To protect her own heart, Hannah left Jake once. Can she leave him again to protect his life?

“Extremely well written, gripping, and intense. I couldn’t’ t put it down. I’ve never heard of this author before, but will be searching anything she’s written. Fantastic story telling, with great imagination and skill.” – Amazon Review