I’ll Never Stop Loving You by Melissa Storm

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When James Morgan left for Korea, his heart belonged to another woman. But all that changed when he found the picture of a beautiful, exotic woman one of his troop mates left behind.

The tattered photo gives him the resolve he needs to make it home alive, but once he gets there, he has no idea how to go about finding the mysterious woman who unknowingly saved his life.

Gloria Flores is distraught when her brother dies fighting a war she never supported in the first place. Still, it falls to her to pick up the shattered pieces left in the wake of his untimely death. In order to heal, her family must relocate once again, but Gloria is tired of being the protector. She’s hurting too, and something seems to be tying her to the small Texas home town. But what?

Will James find the woman he so desperately seeks, and will he be exactly the person she needs too?

“Can a picture really be worth a thousand words and even more emotions? Can a picture give you hope in your time of darkness? Is it possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never spoken to much less met? This story gives you hope and desire for a true love, a love that will help you fight against the worst odds. Happy reading : )” ~ 5 Stars from Misty Jean