Show Me the Honey by Cathryn Cade

When a small town cafe owner is grabbed by a rambling biker looking for stolen cash, she must convince him to let her go. But finding out he has the wrong woman only makes him more determined to hang onto her … this time for all the right reasons.

Lindi Carson has no time for romance in her life–not when she’s struggling to make a success of her Coeur d’Alene lake shore BeeHive Café. She’s barely keeping her head above water when biker Jack Moran hits town, convinced she knows where to find nearly a million in stolen cash. When Jack kidnaps her, Lindi must convince him he has the wrong woman.

But Jack’s not the only one after the money, and someone is willing to kill to get it. With murder lurking in this idyllic resort town and a dangerous MC on the prowl, Jack must persuade Lindi she belongs not only under his protection … but in his arms. He’ll use every ounce of his rough charm to get her, but he may have to battle old ghosts to keep her there.

Can he convince her that love’s sweetness is worth the sting?

Don’t miss this fast-paced, sexy ride with danger–get your copy of SHOW ME THE HONEY today!

“Show Me The Honey is a great read! Fast-paced, full of fun, sprinkled with suspense, and best of all the story and characters are stellar!” Deb & Jean @ Xtreme Delusions Reviews