Hearts Lie by Felicity Kross

Sixteen year old Tasia Wren knows a thing or two about the supernatural, but even she isn’t prepared for the evil sweeping its way through her quiet home. She’s too busy being a teenager and pining after the boy she has a crush on: Rynne.

She’s been too scared to tell him how she feels about him because she doesn’t want their relationship to change, but when she works up the courage to take the risk, she sees him kiss another girl. Heart broken and forlorn, Tasia’s already bad week gets worse.

The darkness sweeping her town finds its way to her door, taking away two of the people she holds closest to her heart. She comes face to face with a being made of evil, a powerful demon named Arsen. She’s certain he’s going to kill her. He tries, but he doesn’t follow through. He’s terrifying, alluring, and almost familiar. There’s a connection and an infatuation that blinds her heart, but she knows it’s a trick. Arsen deserves nothing but her hatred.

"I feel like this book fit the genre to a T even though some aspects aren't typical for your average paranormal romance. Although, that just makes this book better in my opinion." ~ Amazon Reviewer