Mated by Katie Salidas

Brady Whelan, Second Son of the Olde Town pack, is a confirmed bachelor and self-proclaimed sex god. He loves all women. One night at a time.
Which has earned him a few names from the ladies in his pack: One-night-wonder, Serial womanizer. Man whore.
To him, each one is a badge of honor.
There are only two names he’ll never let them call him; “boyfriend”, and the even more soul-crushing “mate”. He’d never let himself be tied him down like that.
But when he finds a beautiful blonde she-wolf beaten and left for dead on his pack’s land, deeply-rooted instincts to protect are awakened. Despite not knowing where she came from, Brady vows to destroy the bastards who hurt her. Even if it means igniting a war between two rival packs.

Sold by her father into slavery as a broodmate, tortured and abused, Rachel Marsden had barely escaped her vicious Alpha when she was ambushed and brutalized in the wintery woods of Massachusetts. Men were the enemy, and she’d sworn never to trust another one as long as she lived.
But finding herself isolated, surrounded by a pack she’s never met, her choices are limited. Escape into the wilderness where she’ll be defenseless again… or trust the sexy Alpha wolf she can’t stop thinking about.

"If you seek action as well as romance, you will definitely want to read this." ARC reviewer Amazon