THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT: All she wants for Christmas is a ghost by Dani Harper

Writer Kerri Tollbrook spends her free time counseling the newly departed, but the tall, dark and handsome spirit she meets at the shopping mall claims he’s not dead. Is he just in denial? Or is something more sinister at work?

Firefighter Galen McAllister has felt like The Invisible Man ever since a malicious spell separated him from his still-living body. Kerri is the first person he’s met who can actually see him. Now if only he can get her to listen … because the nightmare creature that trapped him between two worlds is far from finished!

JUST LOVE MY BOOKS – 5 STARS – "…Not only is Christmastime my favorite time of the year for the obvious reasons, but also because I love reading heartwarming stories written with a Christmas theme. So far I have already read several and "The Holiday Spirit" is my favorite. It's not a typical romance. There is suspense and some darkness that I don't usually like to read about in a Christmas romance. However this one was amazing and my first five star rated in this genre. Wow, Dani Harper had to have done some intense researching to make this story so realistic given it is a paranormal. "The Holiday Spirit" is one of my top ten holiday romances ever."