The Keeper Returns: Third Book in the Wallis Jones series by Martha Carr

What if a conspiracy was tearing your world apart? Would you know what to do? Could you do it in time?

Wallis Jones is a small town attorney whose family line is entwined inside an overwhelming conspiracy, playing out in front of an unsuspecting public. Rocked by the secrets that have already been revealed, Wallis continues to struggle to take care of her traumatized family.

Will her family survive or will she choose to save the children?
But as an urban cold war breaks out, led by a rogue cell within the oldest shadow government, Wallis realizes she may have no other choice but to learn how to work from within to bring it all down before the entire country unravels.

The conspiracy to control reaches all the way into the White House. A presidential campaign is involved in various and twisting page-turning plots to hold the powers in balance. Wallis Jones is racing to find an ancient relic that holds a secret both The Management and The Circle are after, and tip that balance.

With trouble stirring for both Management and the Circle, skirmishes breaking out across the country and the threat of all-out war looming on the horizon, there may still be a chance at survival, but only if Wallis and her allies can manage to face the impossible and save the Keeper.

Can the Butterfly Project stay hidden long enough to bring it all to fruition? Or will Management and the Circle alike fall to the whims of the rogue element? When everyone learns the origins of the conspiracy that controls the nation, will it change the part Wallis Jones has to play?

Don't miss The Keeper Returns, the third installment of Martha Carr's captivating suspense thrillers, The Wallis Jones Series. If you're a fan of authors like SE Hinton, Dale Brown, Nelson DeMille or Larry Bond, then you do not want to miss The Keeper Returns!

"The much-anticipated sequel to Martha Carr's earlier novels,The List Conspiracy and The Traitor's Revenge, the saga of the Wallis Jones Family continues in The Keeper Returns, deftly written, complex,compelling, and an impressive entertainment from beginning to end. Very highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library fiction collections." Midwest Book Reviews.