A Hope Unseen by Nerys Leigh

Sara Worthing is determined that she’ll only marry for love, even if it means becoming a mail order bride and moving all the way across the country to find it. Following a long correspondence, when she finally meets farmer Daniel Raine, she has no doubt she’s made the right choice. Daniel is everything he was in his letters and more. Kind, strong, caring, impossibly handsome, and his deepest desire is for a wife and family to love. He’s everything Sara has been dreaming of.

Until the accident.

When Daniel suffers a terrible injury that throws all his careful plans into doubt, he sinks into despair, pushing both God and his new wife away. As her dreams fall apart, a man Sara met on the train repeatedly turns up at the farm insisting her husband has failed her and only he can keep her safe. And he seems unable to take no for an answer.

"This is a very heart warming story and I really loved reading it. There was times when I felt tears in my eyes and was holding my breath, and trying to read faster." Goodreads reviewer