The Promise of Canaan by Sylvia Wheatley

Reuben and Esther are slaves in Egypt and life is hard for them as a family with little hope of a brighter future. Until Moses turns up and then life becomes harder. Pharaoh will not let the Israelites go despite the plagues which God sends on the Egyptians. But then God sends the worst plague, the killing of the firstborn sons, and Pharaoh tells the Hebrews to go. What follows is a miracle, not least for Esther and Reuben.
But there are more problems ahead, most of which are brought by the Israelites on themselves. For Esther and Reuben it is both happy and difficult as they look forward to arriving in the land of Canaan which God has promised to the Israelites. Through it all their little daughter, Rachel, teaches them a lot about God which they would not have learned otherwise.
This novel does not add to or take away the account in the Bible of the exodus from Egypt. What it does is follow the fortunes of some of those who are involved.

From the very first sentence, I was drawn into this novel. Imagining what life was like so many years ago, I was so impressed with the amount of research and sound Biblical knowledge that went into creating The Promise of Canaan