The List Conspiracy: Book One in the Wallis Jones series by Martha Carr

What would you do if you found out your child was involved in a shadow government conspiracy…that they can't get out of?

Perhaps, just perhaps, you might know Wallis Jones.

If you don't?

Then pray.

When you find out your entire life is the conspiracy…

When a stranger arrives in Wallis Jones's driveway she learns of a daring enlistment strategy known as the Butterfly Project. With two secret factions secretly battling for control and actively recruiting new members at a young age families find out too late, there's no out clause.

Caught in the crosshairs of two warring shadow governments, Wallis realizes she must uncover the hidden meaning behind the names on the list the stranger provided.

Can Wallis find a way to uncover the truth and expose the real powers before more lives are lost? Or will she lose the one case that matters most?

Follow Wallis Jones in Martha Carr's intriguing new political thriller, The List Conspiracy – first book in the Wallis Jones series!

If you're a fan of Dan Brown, Andy McNab, or Robert Ludlum then you're not going to want to miss The List Conspiracy, the first installment to Martha Carr's new Wallis Jones Series!

With clandestine meetings, coded messages, and so much more, Wallis Jones leads you on an action-packed adventure, where even children are not safe, just what we need to give us hope for a great ending.

After all, there is always hope.

"The List Conspiracy is a well-developed conspiracy thriller filled with believable characters leading interesting, but relatively normal lives. Wallis Jones, the book's heroine, is a family practice lawyer with a genius level son and a quirky but loveable husband, who is also her partner in their law firm. She is a woman in control of her life until that facade begins to slip away. The author does a masterful job of ramping up the tension as the bodies start to drop and the excitement escalates in this intricately crafted thriller. I am downloading book two in this series as soon as I publish this review! Highly recommended for fans of Dan Brown, or conspiracy thrillers in general." Amazon Reviewer