The Keep (The Moori Chronicles Book 1) by Estelle Haward

Welcome to the magical world in The Keep, where dragons and riders are not only the norm, but the future. But even the most perfect of worlds have a dark side, and an unlikely hero or two to save the day.
Moori’s destiny, as foretold by The Book of Beginnings, is The Keep. And as events beyond her control, lead her straight to the Dragon Master, Eli and Sumi, the age old prophecy is set in motion.
While darkness marches silently toward The Keep, Moori comes up against old fears and rejection, in a new world filled with light, superstition and envy. And Eli and Sumi learns that new and different, doesn’t necessarily mean trouble and danger, and that friendships can be found in the most unlikely places.
Struggling with their own identities and the beliefs of old traditions, the young riders and dragons must learn to trust their instincts in recognising who are truly friends, and who are actually enemies, as they fight to save The Keep.

The Keep is the first book in the Moori Chronicles and tells the story of Moori arriving at The Keep. Not only does Moori have to deal with being the outsider, she also encounters the blackness prophesized in the Book of Beginnings. The characters are well rounded and the interaction between riders and dragons often lead to fun moments. All in all a well written, clean, adventure story set in the time before time relaying lessons of loyalty, friendship and kindness.