Wanted by Jo Ho

"I pounded my fists at the door, banging and screaming until my hands were throbbing with pain, but it was no use. The hopelessness of it all overwhelmed me. I sank to the floor, hugging my knees to my chest, and cried as I waited for them to kill my best friend."

Fourteen-year old Chase Ryder has been living rough on the streets of New York for months – a harrowing experience yet still better than what she endured at home.

When she and recently widowed vet, Sully, rescue a super intelligent Collie, Chase finally finds herself part of the loving family unit she has always craved, but every display of Bandit’s special skills brings them one step closer to the mercenary billionaire who created him… and he wants his expensive experiment back.

With the enemy's personal SWAT team out for blood, a devastating turn of events finds them running for their lives as they fight to save one of their own.

"A thrilling and emotional page-turner… The author uses words in such a way as to skillfully paint a picture of the world and bring the characters to life… Jo Ho’s screenwriting background is clearly evident in the pacing, which takes all of the time necessary to tell the story and describe the setting and characters but wastes no words doing so… I highly recommend it to anybody who’s a fan of YA or even just a fan of reading in general." – Amazon Customer