Witch at Heart by Juliette Harper

Jinx Hamilton has been minding her own business working as a waitress at Tom’s Cafe and keeping up with her four cats. Then she inherits her Aunt Fiona’s store in neighboring Briar Hollow, North Carolina and learns that her aunt has willed her some special “powers” as well. They say admitting you have a problem is the first step and Jinx has a major problem. She’s a brand new witch with no earthly clue what that means. Throw in a few homeless ghosts, a potential serial killer, and a resident rat and Jinx is almost at her wit’s end. Thankfully she has the unfailing support of her life-long BFF, Tori and it doesn’t hurt that there’s a hot guy living right next door.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from Melissa Storm

Currently in the process of binging this series. I met the authors online and quickly realized how fun they were. When they told me about a certain intelligent rat character named Rodney, I just knew I had to read this series for myself. If you like Sookie Stackhouse, Anna Dressed in Blood, and even Harry Potter, OMG, you will LOVE this. I couldn’t stop reading even though it meant not getting the sleep I needed. I loved the world-building and the mystery and the characterization, the language… seriously, everything. It’s Harry Potter for adults in the deep South with a fantastic mystery element. My favorite character is Myrtle the sentient shop. Highly recommend!