The Master's Plan by Stephany Tullis

SB is not your typical preacher’s wife. She struts her stuff in five inch stilettos, tossing a honey blonde lion’s mane Beyoncé would envy. Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church members are less than enchanted with their Pastor’s new wife, and his daughter blames him for marrying much too soon after her mother’s sudden death. Weary of dodging her daughter-in-law’s southern comfort punches, SB launches her master plan, a plan of life purpose where she depends on the Lord to order her steps and save her marriage. But her best-laid plans go awry when her husband suddenly goes missing, and a local politician devises a plan to suit them both – and get himself elected to the state legislature. Unusual and atypical relationships form between government and church officials. Old and new friends, past and present family, make The Master’s Plan a ‘must read’ for everyone struggling to find purpose!

Where in the world is Pastor Woodruff [Woody] T. Jones? That question drives much of the story behind the Master’s Plan that portrays how interwoven church, politics, community and family can be. Not an easy tapestry to navigate, even when folks [mostly] mean well.
Trouble walks in and shakes things up, revealing that not all the motives are pure even among those at the heart of the church. This is a thoroughly enjoyable tale of the struggle to do the right thing in the face of day-to-day challenges to figure out what the heck that is. Sometimes humorous, sometimes sad and distressing, there is always a sincerity and tenderness that urges the reader forward.
~~Amazon Reviewer