A Colorful Life by Melissa Storm

For Daly English, life is a series of one disappointment after another. Rather than dealing with the fall-out, she locks herself in her studio and works tirelessly toward completing her art school portfolio. Unfortunately, fate isn’t done with Daly quite yet.

Time and time again, a handsome stranger refuses to be ignored, forcing her to come to grips with the loss she’s been harboring for years and to trust herself to love again. Their whirlwind romance transports her from the drab Midwest straight to the bold and colorful capital city of India where a slew of quirky characters cast a stark contrast to her world at home.

Will Daly continue to fade into the background of her own life, or will her journey transform her into exactly who she needs to be?

"I honestly cant say enough good things about this book. I was so very lucky to meet the author and when I read the book I was fell in love. Mostly with the characters and the way they were written. It is a very emotional book and the main topic is recovery from loss. Whether you have gone through a loss such as the passing of a parent or a relative, you will be inspired by Daly English… I think this is a MUST read! I felt like I knew all of the characters and it honestly touched me. The bonus is they will stay with you for a while I am sure." ~ Reading Renee