On the eve of Fourth of July, they crashed from the sky. An army of beautiful, mighty, bloody perfections. They[...]
In Crossroads you make a deal to get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need instead.
Lord Nicholas Asquith needs his wife. Too bad he broke her heart ten years ago.
Love begins with trust...and he's already broken hers.
Action-packed and poignant. ..builds tension from the very beginning!

FEATURED Mysteries & Thrillers

It was supposed to be a fun getaway, but a knock at the door could ruin their lives.
It takes a certain kind of evil to save this city
Arab terrorists want a lost secret found on Crete revealed. CIA, MI6 and Mossad want it destroyed.
Meet the amazing Lou Fleener, Private Eye
Her child has the answers, but he can't tell her the unspeakable.

FEATURED Science Fiction & Fantasy

Celtic Mythology meets Coming of Age Angst...
The world is going to hell around them. What are they willing to risk to make it right?
When happens when CSI-style forensic science meets a fantasy world full of centaurs and griffins?
Mix in a secretive government agent, a murderous drug gang and an alien hunt. What could go wrong?
The Earth has been sold to aliens. What could possibly go wrong?

FEATURED young adult reads

To follow my destiny, I must die.
My power could save my friends - or destroy them.
She was born to survive the end of the world.
His fate has been foretold. Unless he can accept his fortune, his nation will fall to its doom. Teenage warrior[...]
Falling in love is hard. Adulting is harder.

FEATURED Christian fiction

There's no force of nature stronger than a society of sisters....
A rollicking adventure with rustlers, gunfights, danger, unsavory characters, and much more.
An unforgettable kiss. A kaleidoscope of senses. A night she'll always remember.
A jilted mail-order bride & a marriage of convenience that doesn't go as planned when love butts in.
What...and who...will she have to sacrifice to save her son?

From the grab bag

In war, she fell in love. In peace, she fell apart.
Mystery meets fantasy and adventure in this classic tale...
If you like compassionate characters, and overcoming adversity, you’ll adore this moving box set.
Her son was kidnapped by his father twenty years ago. Will she ever see him again?
Can a young woman change the direction of her life, defy the role she has been groomed to play?