Mixology, where the cocktails are tasty and the barmen are tastier.
Two agents sent to expose a traitor before he strikes. But danger is closer than they think . . .
Can her canine sidekick and new love interest help reveal an arsonist before he strikes again?
Gabriel meets Emily and the lust and love sparks fly. But can they stay safe when gangsters intrude?
The Inferno: Just one burning touch connects a Dante with his soul mate.

FEATURED Mysteries & Thrillers

She appeared out of nowhere. A chance encounter. And then she was gone, abducted.
She’s got her head in the clouds and a taste for solving crime.
This talking cat has a murder to solve... But will his new human agree to play Watson to his Sherlock?
She played one on TV, but now that her life depends upon it, can Maizie Albright play a detective in real life?
Blood is thicker than oil... until murder is involved.

FEATURED Science Fiction & Fantasy

FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED The Watchers Series has been described as Lord of The Rings meets Supernatural. The Watchers are[...]
A priestess, a dragon god - and a lie that threatens to destroy them all.
Agents of Shield meets Ilona Andrews in this urban fantasy tale filled with fierce heroines, non-stop adventure, and irresistible romance!
Few men walk into shadow. Fewer walk out.
Book 0 of the Visions of Darkness Trilogy

FEATURED young adult reads

Falling in love is hard. Adulting is harder.
The high school hero offers to help his friend win the heart of the bad boy. But when he falls for her himself…? It’s no more Mr. Nice Guy.
The middle of nowhere just got a lot more interesting!
Tamara finally got what she'd always wanted; all it took was the complete disintegration of her life
Twilight meets the Vampire Academy. Slow burn romance, fast-paced action, one great adventure!

FEATURED Christian fiction

An adventurous thrill ride of mystery, romance, humor, and faith.
Nasty string of home invasions rip through a small-town. The sheriff's 1st suspect, a pretty nurse~
While hiding from the secret police, CIA agent Titus Ray finds shelter with some Iranian Christians.
A vision from God leads to the adventure of a lifetime for two teens.
A stained woman trying to find her wings. A reformed outlaw taking a second chance at life.

From the grab bag

The last thing Ethan's hot mess of a life needs, is a much older, sinfully hot, epic complication.
An imaginative Beauty and the Beast retelling set against the Alaskan wilderness…
Two reporters. One hot closed session.
Christmas in July celebrations, romance, and just a little mayhem.
There are things in life you oughta know if your heart is going to survive. Her husband held all the[...]