Opposites attract in this city girl meets small-town boy sweet romance.
Half Man. Half Machine. All Hers.
One might call it an accident; another would call it ... fate!
An all-new sweet and sizzling small town romance!
A blind date, a gorgeous vampire, and a deadly assassin. Just a typical Friday night.

FEATURED Mysteries & Thrillers

There is a way out if she can find it.
An honest man in a dishonest world.
The third book in the popular cozy mystery series laced with humor and romance…
Francis Bacon must find out who is murdering barristers in Elizabethan London before he becomes the next victim.
If one could sleep one’s self to death…

FEATURED Science Fiction & Fantasy

College Life: Friends, Finals, and the Fae trying to kill you.
Her pale skin and weird diet make her a target at school. If only they knew the truth…
Who is Scott Chapman?
Because you never know when you might get attacked by slimebeasts.
An eternal contract that could destroy her life, her love, and even a city.

FEATURED young adult reads

A high school nemesis. A misuse of powers. An Unexpected Consequence.
Save Rapunzel. Save the witch.
Pregnant and alone. That wasn’t how Tonya expected to end up.
Two worlds. One glass wall. No turning back.
Life just became complicated . . . and deadly.

FEATURED Christian fiction

They recruited and trained her for a life of espionage. She turned out better than they expected—but God had other plans.
The Great War, a great romance, a greater faith. Also available in audiobook.
Christian Mysteries starring Homeschool Moms
Can a basset hound, two kittens and twin girls succeed as matchmakers?
A jewelry heist, a kidnapping, and a choice.

From the grab bag

Starting over was meant to be a new beginning.
A story about family, forgiveness, and falling in love.
A country fighting to stay free. A woman with an impossible decision.
A Jewish woman, a Catholic priest, and their lives in 20th century Germany-a story unlike any other.
A preacher has a secret. Sometimes it takes an camp run by drag queens to help him accept his truth.