These dirty boys have found their foxy shifter mates. But keeping them will take true grit.
Getting involved with her is a mistake, though it just may be the sweetest mistake of his life.
Tempted by a sexy grim reaper, Ash has to be a good girl if she wants to earn her angel wings.
A woman being pushed into an unwanted marriage, an intriguing stranger and a fire-breathing dragon.
Asher wrote a song for Dahlia. And then he moved on. Now, she's given up on happy endings.

FEATURED Mysteries & Thrillers

A murderer is on the loose. Jill Hunter has to stop the killer before there is a fourth victim.
Jake Pendleton stumbles on to sabotage and sets off an avalanche of secrets, violence and treachery.
When it rains, it pours … and Raina Sun may be in over her head with a dead body and an ex-husband.
Secrets, spies, & sexy guys, as an enemy closes in. Chanticleer's Mystery & Mayhem Best Novel Award!
Book 1 of the Psychiatrist Grant Garrick suspense-thriller series

FEATURED Science Fiction & Fantasy

Haunted. Cursed. Outcast. Meet Peri Jean Mace.
Awareness leaping is all the rage.
Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a fairytale… until the day she killed her mother.
Psychic, bad ass chick with a sword— check. My name is Maurin Kincaide, and this is my story.
Hi, I'm Aria Naveed. Kicking butt and saving people is kind of my thing.

FEATURED young adult reads

Think things that go bump in the night only exist in books? So did Arianna, until she became one.
Her heart is above the clouds—literally.
Are you Defective? The Institute is coming for you.
Mermaids can be cruel creatures...
Put down the pen. Pick up the sword. Unleash the hero within.

FEATURED Christian fiction

Caroline agreed to be Thomas J. Connors' mail order bride. Unfortunately, she wasn't the only one.
Unplanned pregnancy? Hopeless feeling? Is true Love real? Does happily ever after exist?
Passion. Captivity. Depth. Two thumbs up from fans of Last of the Mohicans.
Take a walk in the sandals of a few real women of the Bible.
Spark your soul with these poems.

From the grab bag

Real Stories by Real Stay-At-Home Dads
Can Alice and Juliana's love survive the 1940s?
Your one stop guide to everything you need to know about where to get free eBooks.
Live off the Land: Survival Gardening Basics is an indispensable survival guide!
The moment you get all you ever wanted.