How can he choose between duty and the woman he’d give his life for? When Blaire Culpepper returns to England,[...]
With truth comes a danger that puts everyone she loves at risk...
Can her golden retriever help to reveal an arsonist before he strikes his next match?
Her dog saved his life. Can he repay the debt by finding her missing brother?
The pressure doesn't let up for two operatives in this sexy, Jason Bourne-esque romantic thriller!

FEATURED Mysteries & Thrillers

A runaway woman. A dead body. A mysterious compound.
Cgo PI Georgia Davis and Videographer Ellie Foreman team up after a little girl's mother is killed
A rookie detective. A veteran partner with a grudge. A murder with a guest list full of suspects…
Would you risk your own life and the lives of those you love to save millions marked as sinners?
He hid her away from society so she couldn’t turn him in, but he couldn't hide her forever.

FEATURED Science Fiction & Fantasy

USA Today and International Bestselling author J.A. Culican presents a new epic fantasy adventure full of dragons, magic, and legends.[...]
Uncover the past. Fight for the future.
“…he that believeth not shall be DAMNED” – Mark 16:16
A rich and fantastical world of angels and demons, monsters, faeries and dragons.
They came to destroy humanity...but we fought back!

FEATURED young adult reads

Mean Girls meets Hollywood...
In a dark and scary place, Amelia runs for her life with nothing on her mind except finding Aaron.
Sacrifice and suspense collide when two teens fight for their lives .
Fall in love with racing with the first 3 books of North Oak!
A YA psychic mystery that will keep you up at night.

FEATURED Christian fiction

When he starts searching for answers, an assassin begins his own search—for him.
How much can one heart endure?
Some folks are born with a silver spoon jutting right out of their mouths. Others are a bit more like[...]
Book 1 in the Circle of Friends series High school senior Glen is happy just to get by. True, he's[...]
Book 1 in the Faith Finders series Until she is ordered by Pharaoh to kill newborn Hebrew males, Puah thought[...]

From the grab bag

Can she overcome the trauma of her past and find redemption in the wild Scottish Highlands?
Lizzie and Tenika’s garage almost folds…until Kate shows up and Lizzie falls in love.
Follow Lizzy, Kate, Tenika, Delilah, Frankie, and Sally as they look for love in Oakland, CA.
What if your love was illegal? What would you do?
Mary Reilly’s had a secret lakeside cottage in Vermont for forty years. Why did she never tell her daughters?