Some say that whenever it snows in Charleston, God is giving a miracle ....
When letters from home make all the difference to a lonely soldier...and love is found.
A Second Chance Romance, where love triumphs over spectacular evil.
What happens when the worlds of Pollyanna and Charlie Brown collide?
From cottage to mansion, Valentina is certain she doesn't deserve the fairytale unfolding. But Derek

FEATURED Mysteries & Thrillers

A classic British 'whodunit' with a twist of magic
The first three thrillers in the best-selling Harry Starke series: Harry Starke Book 1, Two for the
Hunt across Sweden - the first book of the Stockholm Sleuth Series
An animal communicator. Murder. Furry witnesses. Will they believe her?

FEATURED Science Fiction & Fantasy

Even demons have limits. Crina is on the verge of reaching hers.
Kera is an underpowered and unprepared mage—and the only one who knows the secrets to avert a war...
In the shadows of the towers, your only hope is to scavenge for the truth...
If you copy your mind, your memories, your sins...are they still yours?
Torn between light and dark angels, can Steven avoid the Apocalypse and save the girl?

FEATURED young adult reads

A naturally immune girl. A genetically modified boy. A search for a cure.
You have chosen and been chosen. Grow stronger and save my world.
The other side is closer than you think.
Powerful visions. A missing girl. A man with a knife.
A girl with a destiny. A boy with a secret. An ancient evil that must be defeated. Binge the series!

FEATURED Christian fiction

A stained woman trying to find her wings. A reformed outlaw taking a second chance at life.
She’s determined to rise above her past. He can’t stop his heart grieving. Will a dream opportunity
Sometimes hearts need to return home in order to start over.
Mylas Grey returns to his hometown to investigate the disappearance of a senator’s daughter.
What happens if we let go of what we think should be and instead embrace What Could Be?

From the grab bag

A woman, scarred by injuries ... a broken man .... and an old mining town that brings them together
Alone on the prairie, Nigel’s choice is work or starve--apprentice on a mule-train or an orphanage.
Gunslinger Matthew Slade rescues a little girl. The city’s gangs want her back – and Slade dead!
Would you accompany your husband to a run down, sun scorched sheep and cattle station in outback
Paris-Bound, 1955. Two women attempting to bring their relationship out of the shadows.