This paranormal world will take you for a ride deep into the gray areas of shifter law.
Can Roarke & Sapphire put aside their attraction in time to rescue the missing girls?
Winning her heart won’t be easy. But he’s never backed down from a challenge…
A Halloween Instalove Office Romance
Lies kept Ally and Jonah apart. Now he’s back with a confession that could change everything.

FEATURED Mysteries & Thrillers

A new name and a new home. A scary ex-husband. And a ghost...
Author Grayson Cleary knows how to plot a murder. But can he plot his way out of a killer's web?
What links a teen's secret tattoo to 3 brutal crimes?
An award-winning tale of murder and deceit, family and traditions, redemption and second chances.
Great fun read for Halloween! Becky sees ghosts and she is not afraid to help them!

FEATURED Science Fiction & Fantasy

Is friendship enough in the face of damning evidence?
Save the world, but stay out of jail!
Gabe is making the most of his afterlife in the ninth circle of Hell.
She'll win back her freedom, even if she has to steal it.
Charlie wakes up in the ice age. Blood, lust, and a lot of murder.

FEATURED young adult reads

She always wanted to meet James Dean.. she didn't know it would come true.
An ancient order of knights, a Viking king's sword, and a crippled heiress. Can Chad trust anyone?
Gods, monsters, and magic school. Class will never be the same.
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She was born a princess. They made her an assassin.

FEATURED Christian fiction

Wish you felt closer to God? Renew your spiritual life and experience a deeper level of faith.
She's been duped by a slick-talking man. Will he forgive her when he learns who it is?
Sapphira begins a desperate quest to find a physician to heal her beloved husband Aaron.
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A stranger plagues Rebekah’s dreams. Another offers her an unknown future.

From the grab bag

The Heath Cousins return to Ambra by way of the British Museum in London to return a sacred ruby.
A spiritual journey of paranormal experiences, divine encounters, and overcoming darkness
Would you stay overnight in a haunted Bed-and-Breakfast?
Friends by chance. Sisters by choice.
One Coffeehouse. Two older women. Is it possible to find love over a coffee?