Young love…Mature passion…Dangerous choices
They made a deal to protect their hearts and then love rewrote the rules.
Amy McKinsey's charmed life couldn’t be better. Until everything falls apart.
Ruby Ross is the rising star plus-sized fashion since she's just signed the deal of a lifetime
She wants to run. He wants to help her. But a fake honeymoon seems over the top.

FEATURED Mysteries & Thrillers

He escapes from Iran; now an assassin is looking for him in Oklahoma.
Never trust a talking cat to help you solve a murder mystery...
To clear her name, Jamie's going to need every last drop of ink in her quill.
Join retired detective Virginia Holmes on 6 hair-raising mysteries!
A lady never reveals the true extent of her decay...

FEATURED Science Fiction & Fantasy

In a world populated by a second race, having the wrong blood can be deadly.
In the crosshairs, them or you?
Can a disease infect a virtual world?
One teen assassin must unite three warring supernatural dynasties before death comes to them all...
A vampire is an unlikely hero, but when rogues attack she may be the only hope this city's got.

FEATURED young adult reads

Found abandoned as a child, could Jes be on Earth by mistake?
Up and coming rock star and a preacher's daughter....what could possibly go wrong?
Sometimes you have to get lost to find what you're looking for.
PRIDE. AMBITION. BLOOD. With a single shot, a legend is born.
Fiction became reality. Fantasy was actually history. And soon, Ari would learn her role in it.

FEATURED Christian fiction

Most have tried to shame him as a half-breed but all call her a lady~
An ex-con with a beautiful face and an ugly past is desperate for a new beginning.
When Dr. Tara Sims is robbed, she fights back to protect her daughter and nearly pays with her life.
Amanda must battle two men in her life: One wants her back, and the other wants her dead.
From Homeless to Hopeful.

From the grab bag

For kids who long for adventure!
For anyone who’s ever had cheese in their slipper!
When you're in the midlife years, sometimes it's hard to believe that Happy Ever After exists.
Vijay cheated death three times! Sixteen-year-old Vijay Singh needed a way to better his life.
Clients hide things from their lawyers all the time. Pam Wilson makes it an art form.