Read about life as a mail order bride during 19th century America.
He's her only way out.
She gave up her future for justice... He lived a lie to protect his family...
Her dog saved his life. Can he repay the debt by finding her missing brother?
King Arthur has never been hotter in this steamy, magical, modern-day adventure!

FEATURED Mysteries & Thrillers

Can Ronan McCullough find the elusive killer of a mutual acquaintance and protect his family?
A mind reader, a mob boss and a hitman? What could go wrong? More fun than you can imagine!
Reporter Leah Nash would kill for a good story--but will she die for one?
Two teens break into a long-abandoned insane asylum. Neither walks out.
Davis Way hits the jackpot when she lands a job at the Bellissimo Resort and Casino. Or does she?

FEATURED Science Fiction & Fantasy

Urban fantasy goes medieval in this modern day, action-packed, hilarious series of misadventures.
Hester Grayson's own soul is at stake when she works with the dead. A bad ghost can give her hell.
An Orphan Girl. A Group of Wolves. A Destined Fate for War.
"Two brothers trying to stop the zombie apocalypse, one job at a time!"
In a war for survival, love feels extravagant. Are peace and happiness possible for a vampire queen?

FEATURED young adult reads

A kept secret. A life altered. A new journey.
Evil surges and is stronger than ever. Mirela’s sorcery and vampire skills may not be enough. She fights for her[...]
An alien invasion turns Allison's senior year dreams for the future, into a nightmare for survival.
Polarity has no idea how her nude photo hit the Internet. "Have I entered a parallel universe?"
He broke my heart. Now I'm about to get even.

FEATURED Christian fiction

Can a widow and her son find hope in the arms of a rugged lighthouse keeper trying to protect them?
One book. Four love stories. And a mother’s unending devotion.
A handsome army officer helps a widowed helicopter pilot regain her courage to fly.
Faith, love, and community, you’ll find it all at First Street Church…
Taught to hear messages from the goddess from a young age, Elantia’s life is shattered when she is captured from[...]

From the grab bag

Big Little Lies meets Class Mom
Strange things happen in the hills and hollers of the Appalachian mountains.
A teen princess breaks royal tradition to save her best friend's kingdom in this fantasy adventure.
A magnificent window into the world of archeology that requires a certain madness to survive.
Taught to hear messages from the goddess from a young age, Elantia’s life is shattered when she is captured from[...]