He must marry in 30 days. She has 3 weeks to save the ranch. Will they agree to a marriage bargain?
Broken Falls Ranch... where broken hearts go to heal.
He lives by the rules. She follows her own moral code.
Can they find something true amidst all the lies?
Fire and ice will collide in this thrilling tale of star-crossed rivals...

FEATURED Mysteries & Thrillers

Stephanie Plum meets My Name is Earl in this hilarious series. Amazon best seller in 8 categories!
She appears only at night, watching and waiting…
A touch of magic. A touch of romance. A touch of murder? All in a day's work!
Ruby Wilcox has a rare gift for seeing things that others can’t . . .
When a woman is killed in their small town, sisters discover a dark personal tie to the victim...

FEATURED Science Fiction & Fantasy

Learn the truth. Break the curse. Kill the demon.
Nothing is as it seems.
Will Annie save the future, or will she save her past?
C.S. Lewis meets CSI! Dayna Chrissie of the LAPD must solve a royal murder in a land of magic!
Sorcery is a power to be admired and observed from afar, not to be possessed.

FEATURED young adult reads

Fairytales are real...and the battle for both worlds has begun.
Abandoned as a child, could Jes be on Earth by mistake?
Shade: Girl on a hero’s journey, going from smart-ass to badass.
Devour the first 3 books in The Kingmaker Series in one obsession-inducing read.
A cursed village. A doomed maiden. A love to rival fate. Retelling with a Beauty and the Beast twist

FEATURED Christian fiction

Can a rebel woman find a man who accepts her as she is?
CIA operative Titus Ray goes on the run from an assassin after making his escape from Iran.
A god asked Puah to kill. Her own God asked her to walk away.
Four lives connected by one secret. The key to unlocking the answers…forgiveness.
Leah Townsend, an orphaned heiress, flees Richmond after discovering her fiancé’s murder plot.

From the grab bag

Charlotte Dodd is a spy. Only she doesn't remember how or why or who anything.
Some memories are lost forever ...
Haiku, Japanese poetry and haiku, women poetry.
As hot as it gets. Period.
Mishaps, mistakes, and a Ridgeback named Rex will show these men they're made for each other.