Is destiny worth more than her life? Or is passion the most powerful magic of all?
Is Sabrina ready to accept all the good and bad that comes with Antonio and his lifestyle?
New Orleans witches, new love, and an evil that threatens to tear them apart.
A promise between brothers. A secret that threatens to tear a budding romance apart.
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FEATURED Mysteries & Thrillers

She's blonde. She's clever. She's in his office. London based PI David Good doesn't stand a chance.
A dead professor, a female serial killer, and a handwriting expert, bound by a missing manuscript.
Danger surrounds Mystery Cup Cafe. Can Blake Harper find the killer before she's the next victim?
Astrid can't remember the best day of her life: yesterday.
Solving a murder wasn't on the wedding planner's checklist.

FEATURED Science Fiction & Fantasy

Gathering a supernatural team to keep all hell from breaking loose isn't easy...
Amelia Adkins used to think time travel wasn’t real.
Pinky and Milt's journey to the future becomes a challenging maze of danger and difficult decisions.
COOPER BENNETT is a high school senior living a hard and abusive life.
Her voice unlocks an ancient power. . .but can Molly live with the consequences of opening the door?

FEATURED young adult reads

Death was only the beginning.
Earth's fate hangs in the balance; Rey and Odessa may determine who lives and who dies.
1 girl. 2 destinies. An heir to the city or the leader of a rebellion.
Shifters, Soulmates, and Secrets
Fear, violence, slavery—throughout his adult life, Barloc has known no other way.

FEATURED Christian fiction

Can she forgive her family and herself before Mark too becomes a man of her past?
God intended marriage to be a great joy, but we must embrace the principles in His Word!
CIA covert operative Titus Ray is searching for answers while an assassin searches for him.
If you could exchange every failed attempt at happiness for God's joy...would you?
When a robbery takes a deadly turn, with her fiancé a victim, nothing can be left to chance...

From the grab bag

She's a woman on the verge of a nervous breakthrough.
A page-turning tale of redemption based on a true story.
Secrets, like husbands, should be buried deep.
A story of family, the secrets they keep, and to what lengths someone would go to protect them
Fistfights, car chases, and secret spy organizations? This isn’t a normal night for Charlotte.