He's strong. Fierce. Relentless. And he may be her only chance of surviving the night.
Would you forsake your mother to save the woman you love?
The game of love always goes on.And their game was just beginning.
With everything on the line, can Nate trust the woman at his side or should he turn her in?
Young love…Mature passion…Dangerous choices

FEATURED Mysteries & Thrillers

When fashion crosses the line to felony, the only label left to wear could be a toe tag.
I just have one question: How did Dr. Dolittle make this gig look so easy?
Prepare to be riveted by a haunting and prismatic exploration of how tragedy can transform lives.
When things get tough, Mona Moon gets tougher. That's how she does it in 1933.
I see dead people…and now one’s haunting me.

FEATURED Science Fiction & Fantasy

book 1 of a Sword & Sorcery Epic Fantasy set in ancient Greek Turkey and Syria (18+).
Sentenced to a life of solitude, she relishes fleeting periods of happiness unaware of the consequences of her joy.
A kingdom on the brink of collapse. A princess sequestered in the castle. But what if she’s the only one that can save her realm…
Even demons have limits. Crina is on the verge of reaching hers.
Kera is an underpowered and unprepared mage—and the only one who knows the secrets to avert a war...

FEATURED young adult reads

A naturally immune girl. A genetically modified boy. A search for a cure.
You have chosen and been chosen. Grow stronger and save my world.
The other side is closer than you think.
Powerful visions. A missing girl. A man with a knife.
A girl with a destiny. A boy with a secret. An ancient evil that must be defeated. Binge the series!

FEATURED Christian fiction

A vision from God leads to the adventure of a lifetime for two teens.
A stained woman trying to find her wings. A reformed outlaw taking a second chance at life.
She’s determined to rise above her past. He can’t stop his heart grieving. Will a dream opportunity
Sometimes hearts need to return home in order to start over.
Mylas Grey returns to his hometown to investigate the disappearance of a senator’s daughter.

From the grab bag

True love never stops believing...
Practical how to guide for a writing parent and aspiring child to collaborate on a full-length novel.
The hard-drinking drifter who changed the fate of a nation.
A woman, scarred by injuries ... a broken man .... and an old mining town that brings them together
Alone on the prairie, Nigel’s choice is work or starve--apprentice on a mule-train or an orphanage.